Since 1893, we have faithfully served the families of Rutherford County and surrounding areas during difficult times. From advance planning for the inevitable to at-need service during an emotional and difficult time, it is our privilege to comfort and care for families in need. A member of our professional staff is always on duty, 24 hours a day, to be of assistance. We pledge to put service above any other considerationin meeting the needs of each individual family.

At Woodfin Funeral Chapels we believe that the true value of what we do is found in helping families create healing experiences that allow them to love, share and truly memorialize the memories of a life-time. There is great healing that comes in remembering, reflecting and honoring the life lived. We help families of all traditions and backgrounds meet their unique and individual needs during the time of grieving and loss.

Life is all about building relationships and sharing memories; and whileliving life means different things to different people, having a lovingevent of some kind celebrates the choices made, the relationship you shared, and honors the memory of your loved one. While many families find great value in following the traditions of those gone before, some choose to commemorate life with more unique reflections. Whatever your wish, Woodfin Funeral Chapels is here to assist with planning whatever is meaningful to you.